Living with Diabetes
-We will give you a little piece of warmth from our hearts-
So that you can overcome instability and see the future in a positive light.

Writers: Kenichi Yamada, Itsuko Yamada

1. If you are diagnosed with diabetes.
2. The ABCs of diabetes care
3. How to stabilize your heart
4. Live with goals and a positive outlook
5. Overcome adversity

To those living with diabetes

When you have been diagnosed with diabetes,
the first hundle is to accept the condition.
Next, you must gain knowledge about diabetes,
think about your path to health,
and change your lifestyle accordingly.
I have included paintings and messages from Itsuko Yamada within my book.
these paintings adorn the walls of the waiting room at my clinic,
and patients always look forward to seeing her monthly additions.
It is our dearest with that this book will be a source of power for you.

November, 2000
Kenichi Yamada
Itsuko Yamada

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